Sunday, February 25, 2007

We're in South Africa - Kyle

Hey, folks. After eleven grueling hours on a flight from London, we arrived in Cape Town at 6:00 am South Africa time, just about the time many of you were going to bed. The baggage claim and customs process took about two hours and ended with four lost bags. No fear, the bags have now been recovered. We took a beautiful, scenic drive around Table Mountain to The Team House, where we are staying. We had breakfast, got settled in and went to church at Musiphumelele Baptist Church, a church plant of Living Hope. The church is located in Musiphumelele, a area of shanty houses where one in four are infected with HIV/AIDS. We quickly learned services do not have a specific start time, follows no order and has no certain end time. Most of us could hardly hold our heads up we were so tired, but the service was highly spirited. It was done in both English and an African dialogue. We enjoyed worshipping with these folks. The kids loved having their pictures made by many of us.

After services, we went for lunch with John Thomas, founder of Living Hope and his family. We had a great time of food, fellowship and learning about Living Hope. After a short break and dinner, we did planning for a busy day tomorrow and have just finished a time of reflection and worship. For many of us, today was a day of firsts-first time to step foot on the continent of Africa, first time to worship in a dual language service, first time to see Cape town and the Indian Ocean.

I think I am speaking for most of us when I say that I experienced many emotionals moments today. Maybe part of that is the lack of sleep, but more importantly, God was moving. Thanks for praying for us. Keep it up! We need rest desperately.


Amy Lowe said...

I am so glad you are all there safely and that you are having an amazing time. We miss you here in the office and are praying for you & the team!

JE said...

Keep sharing the love of the Lord with folks you worship with and others that you all encounter. Thanks for the updates!

Joe Hicks said...

Know that you are missed and being prayed for while you are on your journey. It is great to get to read about your experience, I know God will be touching your heart while you are there.

Jeremy Wicker said...

You are being prayed for! I know that the Lord is going to do great things - both in and through you - and all for His glory! I'm proud of you and I hope that you have a great birthday! Grace and peace!