Sunday, March 11, 2007

Home, But The Story Continues - Nato

After another brutally long flight and a short hop from Chicago, we finally made it home on time last night at 8:15PM to the cheers of many of our friends and loved ones. While this officially concludes our trip, as you might have gathered, much has been learned by each of us throughout this journey and many of the lessons won't truly hit home until a few days or weeks after being home.

With that being said, please continue to check the blog on a regular basis.

FRIENDS: Conitnue to pray for our team as new revelations come, and look for many new photos from various members of the team.

LIVING HOPE '07 TEAM: Continue to write new entries here. Unpack your stories, process your thoughts and new visions God has given you. Post comments on the entries of others and share in their experience. This is a wonderful place to communicate to everyone that has been a part of this incredible journey, both in South Africa and here in the States (this also will cut down on the hundreds of mass emails, replies and RE: RE: RE: FW: RE: replies). We'll post pics here as well as information about the upcoming braai.


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