Friday, March 16, 2007

insync - mandy

Hi Y’all! 16 March 2007

Greetings from Sunny(windy) Noordhoek, Cape Town, 'Suth' Africa (I can all here you guys repeating it after me:) I’ve been wanting to email you guys since you left but for lack of email addresses its only happening now and on your blog. (I snuck in!)

I can't believe a week has passed already - hectic! It was awesome having you guys come to stay in my house. I call it my house cos yesterday my mom happened to be in the Cape (my folks live 1800kms away so it’s a memorable occasion 'Suth Africa' when we see each other) and she asked why I didn’t have shoes on when I was essentially ‘at work’ and I said, but this is my home. And then she said in good mother style ‘but I hope you wear shoes when the people are here’ to which I promptly repeated, ‘but this is my home’! I’m sure you can all visualize the conversation between us!

Hey! This computer just corrected my spelling against my will! It changed my spelling from visualise to visualize! How rude! A big no-no in Suth African English is NOT spelling our words the American way! Dodgy! Yet now it’s doing it for me! Aaahh! The American’s are taking over!
(if it’s guys like you… I wouldn’t mind – you’re all legends!) 'Suth Africa'

On the way back from dropping you guys off at the airport, all my good intentions of going visiting in Stellenbosch fizzled away as exhaustion set in. So soon after I arrived back at the Team House and noted it’s empty hollow feeling, I stumbled downstairs and into my bed. But I didn’t sleep before I putting my thoughts on paper, I wrote it in poem form (I know… I’m a bit of a freak! Who writes poems these days anyway!)

'Suth Africa'

Neverthelesss I’ve decided to pass it on to you guys regardless of what you might think or how much you might laugh! Now that you know me, you know that being laughed at/with is a regular occurance!

I really enjoyed your energy, (as was quickly picked up by a stranger in the street on the first day you arrived) and your drive. 'Suth Africa' For those who feel a calling to come back may it be for only 2 months or so, please be in touch! I saw the Thomas’s the other day (long live cocoa!) and they raved about you guys and I chatted with Cath while we were driving somewhere and we came to the conclusion that – based on all round performance (professional voice) – you guys were an ultimate team (and that's a huge compliment remembering we’ve had and seen many many groups)

And thanks SO much guys for my office! It’s SUPER cool! Groovy!

Love you lots!
God bless,
And keep dominating for Him!

I bet I got you guys all mimicking 'suth africa' in random sentences and repeating my South African words! (for those who were observant enought to notice:) Oh, and email me sometime, I promise to reply!

Okay back to the poem, here it is…
*nervous pause*

In Sync

It’s strange, the people who cross our lives.
A connection,

A captured frame within a life time of film.
You understand,
No explanations,
An undercurrent,
Between two people.

Worlds apart,
Ages apart,
A bond.


The silent dance,
In sync.

MR 09 March 2007

If it doesn’t make sense then don’t worry bout it,

if it does… then it was written for you!


Nato said...

Thanks for the post, Mandy. I certainly don't want to speak for everyone (because that's just rude), but I'm sure we'd all agree that you and Cath were a familiar and welcomed joy to our travels thousands of miles away. I look forward to coming back, as there's never an end to the work needing to be done, but also for the simple beauty we found all around us in the Cape area. New journeys? The places tourists don't see? Until then...

Amy J said...

Mandy! I LOVE that you hacked into the system!

You will be proud to know that I have used the word "dodgy" twice this week, and "brilliant" at least four times.

As for your mother, I quite liked that you walked around with bare feet—the house is on the beach, you know. That is, I believe, your best defense.

Loved the poem... thanks for sharing. I bet it is sort of strange to come home to an empty house after living life with us for two weeks. It's much like how many of us feel as we've had this experience and now we have to pick up our regular lives and get back to "normal." I miss the "community" of the team house, too. Thanks for all the kind words about our team!

You, my dear, are brilliant! You're making a huge impact for God on Suth Africa. Blessings to you! Please give Cath my best! Maybe you can help her hack in! ;) Love, Amy

Amy J said...
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sam said...

Mandy, I love how you put "Suth Africa" to end some of your sentences! That is awesome! And as I read this, I could hear your voice including that of your mom with the bare foot awesome!

Mandy, you were so great to us! Your energy, knowledge, depth and love for Christ helped us so much when we had difficult days or were tired! You are such a blessing to us and to all that are around you. Thanks for all that you did for us! You and Cath are so great!

I loved the poem, Mandy. It spoke deeply to me and is something I will share with my friends, as well as the time we swam in the freezing Atlantic!!

We'll be sure to keep in touch!!

Zana said...

Oh Mandy! You have no idea how thrilled I am to see you post a blog on our page. My heart literally jumped when I read this. YES...thank you for your poem...I totally get it and feel that you will be a lifelong friend of mine. Your spirit is so amazing and inspirational. I appreciate your wisdom and ability to be jovial at all times. Even though you couldn't find the Christian bookstore I wanted to go to, I won't hold that against you.

I love you girl and I am so thankful that God crossed our paths. I will continue to pray for you, Cath, Muffasa, and the others as God is doing a great work through you in SA. Tell the Thomas' and Cocoa I said whassup.

I'll be back.


PS I love saying suth afrika...sometimes I feel so weird but I still say it to people when they ask me about my trip. I laugh inside E'ERTIME i say it. Thanks for teaching us to be cool with the natives saying suth africa, dodgey, game drive, etc. Lord knows we didn't want to be perceived as dorky tourists...however my thick southern drawl is hard to hide regardless of the native words you teach me.

Allison said...

Mandy, emailed me a bit ago and said she was in J-burg about to leave on her trip so I told her to check the blog before she left becuase she was getting all kidnds of responses. Hopefully she will get to responded but I thought I would share.
Hey Zana-did we tell you that we found the Christian Book store and we took a picture of it for you. Remind me to show you!!!