Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sunday Musings - Sam

We started our day pretty wet. We hadn’t experienced rain in South Africa until the wee hours of the morning. The wind and rain howled through our open windows waking us with a fright! Chad and I ran to close the windows before more water poured through. We stood there a little startled and then went back to sleep before the day really began.

We awoke and began our second Sunday in South Africa with a hearty breakfast and good discussion with God and each other.

We left for the first church service of the day at King of Kings Baptist Center where John Thomas, Director of Living Hope, is senior pastor. The service was pretty contemporary with our beginning with the song “Every Move I Make”, among other worship songs. The message was on the alabaster jar event found in Luke and our living at the feet of Jesus. After the service, we headed for Masiphumelele Baptist Church where we had attended last week.

We had a very similar experience as last week at Masiphumelele. We sang many songs, but this time we were a little more aquainted with how the service functions: one of the congregation leads into the various hymns and songs. They announced number of the song that we were to sing and so we sang along. It was incredible! The rounds with the various vocals and parts resound in a huge chorus of praise to the Father! And this time, we were able to participate. “Jesus, keep me near the cross” was on song that I realized that they were singing. It was amazing! Unfortunately, we had to leave early in order to get lunch and go to the market.

We headed for downtown Cape Town, which is beautiful with the waterfront and mountains in the background, to eat lunch at, where, McDonald’s. Everyone was very happy to eat a hamburger that was actually beef (well, McDonald’s beef is a heck of a lot closer to real beef than that found in the hambugers we have eaten in Cape Town). We ate fairly quickly to get to the market in plenty of time to shop around and see everything.

The market was swarming with all kinds of people and African artifacts from bracelets made of elephant hair to tribal masks to paintings of scenes from the African bush to purses to jewelry to bowls. The task was on to find the perfect gift for an intercessor or significant other or for oneself but all at the best price. The ability to barter is the best talent one can have while at these markets. Trying hard not to get ripped off while still trying to help the individuals who still have to feed their families is the balance that must be found while at the market. Our team did not have a problem with this. Everyone felt great with what they had bought and from whom. With our treasures in hand, we headed back to the bus for our return home.

We filled the bus and headed off toward home but on a different route. We went along the Chapman’s Peak Drive, which is a street along the coast. Never before have I seen such a beautiful sight: sunshine, blue and green ocean waters, huge waves, big clouds, enormous rocky mountains…everything was just incredible! Pictures can only capture a part of this beautiful sight! We stopped multiple times to take pictures because of the beauty of the sights. No one could remember a more beautiful sight: Spain could not match it; Hawaii could not match it; etc. I might be over doing it a bit, but I will you: come to South Africa and witness it for yourself so that you can see the beauty that exists in the land, in the sea, and in the people of South Africa. Pictures can only catch a small glimpse.

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daniel buehler said...

Hey Ya'll (that, from a Jersey boy...) All of us were shocked with Joy to see all your smiling faces in church yesterday morning. At first we thought you were just a quick photo on the screen that we could pray over you...but NO, you were live and there with us. What a GREAT use of technology. I was so pleased to be able to pray WITH you for a short time and see that you are all doing well, still smiling, and still continuing the RHCC hug tradition. Only a few short days, but you know how much God can do in the blink of an eye, so look for His guidance in all that you do. We are so proud of each one of you standing in the gap for Christ with a community that needs Him. We were sooooo happy to see you yesterday. Come back safe. God Bless you.